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2020-09-19 Renewing the Mind - Part 1 Pastor David Guerrero Play
2020-09-12 The Earth Groans Gloria Brunnbauer Play
2020-09-05 Don't Be Like Them Aaron Fale Play
2020-08-22 The Least Likely Witness Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2020-08-15 The Seal and the Character of God Pastor David Guerrero Play
2020-08-08 Virgins and Vineyards Mike Marta Play
2020-08-01 My Testimony Todd Van Deslunt Play
2020-07-25 They Lost Him in the Temple Pastor Mateo Ramirez Play
2020-07-18 Go Forth Tony Robley Play
2020-07-11 Freedom: A State of Mind or A State of Being? Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2020-07-04 Condemnation or Freedom Pastor David Guerrero Play
2020-06-27 Are You Stirred Up? Justin Rittenhouse Play
2020-06-20 Sharing is Caring Aaron Fale Play
2020-06-13 Half a Miracle Mike Marta Play
2020-03-14 Discipleship 5 Pastor David Guerrero Play
2020-03-14 Will You Come to the Banquet? Pastor David Guerrero Play
2020-03-14 Discipleship 4 Pastor David Guerrero Play
2020-03-07 Discipleship 3 Pastor David Guerrero Play
2020-03-07 The Gospel to All the World Pastor David Guerrero Play
2020-03-07 Discipleship 2 Pastor David Guerrero Play
2020-03-06 Discipleship 1 Pastor David Guerrero Play
2020-02-29 Repairers and Restorers Pastor Steve Aust Play
2020-02-22 Everything I Needed To Know Neil Mishleau Play
2020-02-15 The Ultimate Love Relationship Scott Messenger Play
2020-02-08 Story of His Matchless Love – Part 2 Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2020-02-01 Teach Us to Number Our Days Lord! Pastor David Guerrero Play
2020-01-25 As It Was in the Days of... So Shall It Be Tim Krawczyk Play
2020-01-25 God's Strategic Plan Pastor Michael Horton Play
2020-01-25 The Faith of Jesus: Why He Left Dee Casper Play
2020-01-25 The Grace of Christ and the New Covenant Dee Casper Play
2020-01-24 History of His Matchless Love Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2020-01-18 2020 –Getting a ClearVision of God Pastor David Guerrero Play
2020-01-11 God’s Assurance in the Year 2020 Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2020-01-04 Clearer Vision Aaron Fale Play
2019-12-28 Another Year Ed Manderle Play
2019-12-21 Christmas Program Noelle Kroneck Play
2019-12-14 His Story Scott Messinger Play
2019-12-07 The Missing Link Pastor David Guerrero Play
2019-11-30 Thoughts from the Life of Paul Todd VanDeslunt Play
2019-11-23 Thanksgiving 365 Ed Manderle Play
2019-11-16 A Living Sacrifice Pastor Bill Ochs Play
2019-11-09 Three Seconds Alina Ancheta Play
2019-11-02 Now Let Us Pray Tim Kroneck Play
2019-10-26 Thailand Mission Trip Gloria & Isaac Brunnbauer Play
2019-10-19 Reflections Al Rittenhouse Play
2019-10-12 Are You Listening...? Paster Carlos Ancheta Play
2019-10-05 The Hope of Eternal Life Pastor David Guerrero Play
2019-09-28 Embracing the Flame Aaron Fale Play
2019-09-21 If Truth Be Told Scott Messinger Play
2019-09-14 God's Promises/Never Alone Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2019-09-07 Everyone’s Struggle; Every Person’s Victory Pastor David Guerrero Play
2019-08-31 The Privilege of Paupers Chris Smoot Play
2019-08-24 Promises/Where the Needs Are Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2019-08-17 The Big Picture Tony Robley Play
2019-08-10 John's Testimony John Brunnbauer Play
2019-08-03 The Turning Point Pastor David Guerrero Play
2019-07-27 Show Us the Father Mike Marta Play
2019-07-20 What Do You See? Neil Mishleau Play
2019-07-13 8 Seconds Tim Kroneck Play
2019-07-06 Heaven's Independence Day Pastor David Guerrero Play
2019-06-29 Mission Possible Scott Messinger Play
2019-06-08 Miracle of Healing Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2019-06-01 The Great Omission Pastor David Guerrero Play
2019-05-18 What Words Do You Want to Hear Tony Robley Play
2019-05-11 Relationship/It's About You Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2019-05-04 Harden Not Your Heart Pastor David Guerrero Play
2019-04-27 To Live Is.... Chris Smoot Play
2019-04-20 Inward or Upward Pastor David Guerrero Play
2019-04-13 Changing Paradigm: From Fear to Joy, Living Jesus's Way Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2019-04-06 Steps for Successful Prayer Aaron Fale Play
2019-03-30 A Pulling Horse Doesn't Kick Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2019-03-23 Pure Religion Justin Rittenhouse Play
2019-03-16 I Want to Dance Like David Tim Wren Play
2019-03-09 Nothing but the Whole Truth Scott Messinger Play
2019-03-02 Glory in the Cross Pastor David Guerrero Play
2019-02-23 Cuba 2018 Mission Trip Gloria Brunnbauer Play
2019-02-09 Happy Family Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2019-02-02 Tell Me the Story of Jesus Pastor Bryan Sheldon Play
2019-01-26 Love God, And Do As You Will Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2019-01-19 Righteousness by Faith 3:30 PM Tim Krawczyk Play
2019-01-19 Righteousness by Faith 2:00 PM Dr. Austin Bacchus Play
2019-01-19 Righteousness by Faith "Ready, Set, Go" Pastor Frank Bacchus Play
2019-01-19 Righteousness by Faith Children's Story Dr. Austin Bacchus Play
2019-01-19 Righteousness by Faith Morning Session Dion Lawrence Play
2019-01-19 Righteousness by Faith Opening Morning Prayer Tim Krawczyk Play
2019-01-18 Righteousness by Faith Q/A #1 Play
2019-01-18 Righteousness by Faith Opening Night Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2019-01-12 Gods Strategy for Your Life Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2019-01-05 A New Beginning Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-12-29 Looking Forward With Hope Ed Manderle Play
2018-12-22 Christmas Program Noelle Kroneck Play
2018-12-15 This Gospel Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-12-08 He Came In A Box of Cowfeed Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2018-12-01 The Ultimate Sacrifice Aaron Fale Play
2018-11-24 A Famine in the Land Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-11-17 Give Thanks to the Lord Ed Manderle Play
2018-11-10 Joseph: An Inspirt Journey Alina Ancheta Play
2018-11-03 Unlimited Blessings Scott Messinger Play
2018-10-20 Finding Peace and Assurance Pastor Steve Aust Play
2018-10-13 Teach Us to Pray Aaron Fale Play
2018-10-06 The Identifying Marks and Characteristics of God's True People - Pt 4 Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-09-29 Beholding the Savior Nathan Vallejo Play
2018-09-22 The Ultimate Flying Battleship Tim Kroneck Play
2018-09-15 Corrected Pastor Adam Case Play
2018-09-08 Road to Zion Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2018-09-01 The Identifying Characteristics of God’s True People Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-08-25 The Heart of the Matter Scott Messinger Play
2018-08-18 If Not You and I, Who Will Be His Hand? Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2018-08-11 The Broken Alabaster Jar Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2018-08-04 The Identifying Marks and Characteristics of God’s True People Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-07-28 Is It Over? Mike Marta Play
2018-07-21 Building a Happy Home Aaron Fale Play
2018-07-14 How Will You Finish? Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2018-07-07 A Subtle Attack: Our Best Defense Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-06-30 Giving Back to God Aaron Fale Play
2018-06-09 How to Tell a Horse from a Cow Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2018-06-02 Establishing the New Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-05-26 God is Good Aaron Fale Play
2018-05-19 A Repeat Performance Scott Messinger Play
2018-05-12 Born to be Wild Says Matthew 6:19-34 Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2018-05-05 The Secret to Successful Living Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-04-28 A Blind Man with 20/20 Vision Tim Wren Play
2018-04-21 Go! Evangeliving Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-04-07 What is "It"? Aaron Fale Play
2018-03-31 The Lamb Pastor Steve Aust Play
2018-03-24 Throne of Grace Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-03-17 The Hero's Hero Kevin Wilkinson Play
2018-03-10 How Is Life Under the Sun? Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2018-03-03 Finding Peace Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-02-24 WA Bell Choir and Choralaires Wisconsin Academy Play
2018-02-17 Cold Feet and Backscratches Tim & Noelle Kroneck Play
2018-02-10 Whom Shall I Send? And Who Will Go For Us? Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2018-02-03 Our Deepest Need Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-01-27 Jesus Loved Judas Till the End Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2018-01-20 Closing Message Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2018-01-20 What Love Pastor David Guerrero Play
2018-01-20 My Emperors New Clothes Austin Bacchus Play
2018-01-20 Righteous Prayers Dion Laurence Play
2018-01-13 A Glimpse Into the Past Aaron Fale Play
2018-01-06 Faith and Love Pastor David Guerrero Play
2017-12-30 2017 Gone Ed Manderle Play
2017-12-23 Watch and Pray Pastor David Guerrero Play
2017-12-09 The Greatest Gift Exchange Ever Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2017-12-02 The Body of Christ Aaron Fale Play
2017-11-25 Mission Pastor Steve Aust Play
2017-11-11 161102_001.mp3 Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2017-10-28 Happy Anniversary Pastor David Guerrero Play
2017-10-14 What are They doing..? Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2017-10-07 Calming the Storm Pastor David Guerrero Play
2017-09-23 Your Witness Neil Mishleau Play
2017-09-09 When the Walls Come Crashing Down… What Do You See? Tim Kroneck Play
2017-08-26 Black Swans, Anti-Fragile Faith & The Prophet Habakkuk Chris Smoot Play
2017-08-19 Noah & John Mike Marta Play
2017-08-05 What the Life of Christ Gives Us Pastor David Guerrero Play
2017-07-29 My Mission Trip Gloria Brunnbauer Play
2017-07-22 The Call to the Abundant Life Pastor David Guerrero Play
2017-07-15 Losing Focus Aaron Fale Play
2017-07-08 The Lord's Supper: A Different Language Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2017-07-01 Ready...or Not... Scott Messinger Play
2017-05-20 Responding to The Call Pastor David Guerrero Play
2017-05-13 Mother's Day Poem Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2017-05-06 Evangelism :Learning From the Master Himself Pastor David Guerrero Play
2017-04-29 Omnipotent Pastor Steve Aust Play
2017-04-22 The Contagious Adventist Chris Smoot Play
2017-04-15 Why Church Tony Robley Play
2017-04-08 Communion: New Memories, New Songs... Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2017-03-18 Who do I Believe Justin Rittenhouse Play
2017-03-11 First Class Pastor Adam Case Play
2017-03-04 Charlene’s Testimony Pastor David Guerrero, Charlene, Ed Play
2017-02-25 The Power of His Grace Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2017-02-18 Here to Serve Tony Robley Play
2017-02-11 Angry Preacher Brian Stephen Play
2017-02-04 A Fireman, A Businessman, and A Red Bandanna Dr Timothy Kroneck Play
2016-12-10 The Hour of Judgement Pastor Steve Wohlberg Play
2016-12-03 2017 - Living a Life That Counts Pastor David Guerrero Play
2016-11-19 What Lies With in Pastor Eric Chavez Play
2016-11-12 The Most Successful Preacher of All Times Pastor Carlos Anchet Play
2016-11-05 The Secret of Success for a Young Person Pastor Emerson Cuadrado Play
2016-10-22 Endurance Pastor David Guerrero Play
2016-10-15 You Don't Know Kevin Wilkinson Play
2016-10-08 Lord, are You washing my feet?...You shall never wash my feet Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2016-10-01 Edna Dearie's Testimony Edna Dearie Play
2016-09-03 The Blue Stone Paul Conner Play
2016-08-20 Staying the Course Pastor Steve Aust Play
2016-08-06 The race that is set before us Pastor David Guerrero Play
2016-07-30 Better than you think Doug Burgess Play
2016-07-23 Saul - PAUL - Us Pastor Carlos Ancheta Play
2016-07-16 Honoring God Gloria Brunnbauer Play
2016-07-02 Noticeale Life Adjstments to the Filling of the Spirit ( Part 1 ) Pastor David Guerrero Play
2016-06-04 Who Do You Say That I Am? Pastor David Guerrero Play
2016-04-30 That One Sacrifice Pastor David Guerrero Play
2016-04-23 Hope and Hardness Justin Rittenhouse Play
2016-04-16 Advancing Christian Experience Pastor David Guerrero Play
2016-04-09 The Choices/Decisions We Make Determine Our Destiny Mike Kumwamba Play
2016-04-02 If not Jesus then who Pastor Rick Binford Play
2016-03-19 Choose Him Today! Pastor David Guerrero Play
2016-03-05 The Call to Righteousness By Faith Pastor David Guerrero Play
2016-02-27 Victory In Jesus Pastor Steve Aust Play
2016-02-20 The How To in Righteousness By Faith Pastor David Guerrero Play
2016-02-13 Does Christ have the power to live a perfect life through a sinner Justin Rittenhouse Play
2016-02-06 Righteousness and Love Pastor David Guerrero Play
2016-01-30 Oh, ________ Do You Love Jesus? Tim Kroneck Play
2016-01-23 Hand in Hand Jasper St. Bernard Play
2016-01-23 His Righteousness Simplified Elder Dion Laurence Play
2016-01-23 Christ in You the Hope of Glory: The Only Way Joshua Guerrero Play
2016-01-23 What Do You See Jasper St. Bernard Play
2016-01-23 Receiving the Victory Pastor David Guerrero Play
2016-01-16 God’s Love, Helping Us to Remember Aaron Fale Play
2016-01-09 Jesus Saves Pastor David Guerrero Play
2015-11-28 For Granted or Gratitude Pastor David Guerrero Play
2015-11-14 A Little Maid, a lame witness and a great God Elder James Fox Play
2015-11-07 Mesmerized Aaron Fale Play
2015-10-31 Inspecting Whom? Pastor Steve Pastor Steve Aust Play
2015-10-24 Restored Into His Image II Pastor David Guerrero Play
2015-10-17 Spoke Like a Dragon Tim Krawczyk Play
2015-10-03 Into His Image Pastor David Guerrero Play
2015-09-26 The Power of the Gospel Pastor David Guerrero Play
2015-09-19 God is Dead Jasper St. Bernard Play
2015-09-12 Lord Help Me Ed Manderle Play
2015-09-05 Focus! Pastor David Guerrero Play
2015-08-29 I Will Go Aaron Fale Play
2015-08-22 Ugliness in Marriage Justin Rittenhouse Play
2015-08-15 A Place for Healing Pastor Michael Edge Play
2015-08-08 God's Work of Salvation in the Life of His Children Pastor David Guerrero Play
2015-08-01 Never the Same Again Doug Burgess Play
2015-07-25 Working as a Team Gloria Brunnbauer Play
2015-07-11 Faithful Aaron Fale Play
2015-07-04 Freedom Ed Manderle Play
2015-06-06 All Are Part of One Body Pastor Steve Aust Play
2015-05-30 The Transforming Power: Mary Magdalene Benjamin David Play
2015-05-23 Making God Known Elias Lyson Play
2015-05-16 Starving In America Aaron Fale Play
2015-05-09 Jacob Never Crossed the River Elias Lyson Play
2015-04-25 The Lord's Time Benjamin David Play
2015-04-18 The Times We Live In Ed Manderle Play
2015-04-03 Now You’re Talkin' My Language Part 2 Aaron Fale Play
2015-03-20 Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve Pastor Steve Aust Play
2015-03-13 Preparation For Tomorrow Pastor Steve Aust Play
2015-03-06 Hope in These Last Days Ed Manderle Play
2015-01-23 The Beloved Knock Victor Reina Play
2015-01-09 Can We Know His Will ? Pastor Steve Aust Play
2015-01-02 Walking With Him Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-12-26 What's In A Name ? Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-12-12 The Unlikely Ones Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-12-05 Treasure Hunter's Aaron Fale Play
2014-11-28 Heaven's Warning Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-11-21 Give Thanks Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-11-14 Into His Image Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-11-07 Into His Image Pastor David Guerrero Play
2014-10-24 Judgment Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-10-17 Going Beyond Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-10-10 An Hour a Day with Jesus Linda Chodak Play
2014-10-03 God Behind the Scenes Doug Burgess Play
2014-09-26 Assurance Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-09-19 Search the Scriptures Ed Manderle Play
2014-09-12 Behind the Hymns Aaron Fale Play
2014-09-05 Come and See Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-08-29 It's Supper Time Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-08-22 It Is the Time to be Ready Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-08-15 Who Am I Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-08-08 Elijah at Mount Horeb Mercedes McLean Play
2014-08-01 Mysteries Solved Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-07-25 Problems Solved By Word Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-07-18 Truth Sets Us Free Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-07-11 Dominican Republic 2014 Gloria Brunnbauer Play
2014-07-04 Sharing The Word Ed Manderle Play
2014-06-13 The End Game Aaron Fale Play
2014-05-30 Protected by Truth Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-05-23 Be Prepared Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-05-16 God's Safeguarding Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-05-09 The Pledge Carroll Wheeler Play
2014-05-02 Jesus Promised! Pastor Jim Brown Play
2014-04-25 Winds a Blowing Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-04-18 A Matter of Life or Death Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-04-11 To Gain the Victory, a Necessity Ron Fellberg Play
2014-03-28 Worth Fighting For Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-03-21 First Love Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-03-14 Intercession Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-03-02 The Health Message Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-02-14 Things + GOD= ? Michael Ehm Play
2014-02-07 Learning to Love Aaron Fale Play
2014-01-24 I Want to Live Like That Pastor Jim Brown Play
2014-01-30 Looking Unto Jesus Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-01-10 Revival Pastor Steve Aust Play
2014-01-03 Great Expectations Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-12-27 Three Practical Tips for Living a Fulfilling Life on a Low Income Jonathan Wheeler Play
2013-11-29 Sweet Remembrances Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-11-15 Written for the End of Ages Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-11-08 Here I Am! Send Me Michael Ehm Play
2013-10-11 Where is your Treasure Ed Manderle Play
2013-10-04 Parables Carroll Wheeler Play
2013-09-27 The Message of the Cross Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-09-20 The Opposite Game Jeff Metherell Play
2013-09-13 The Spirit of the Law Aaron Fale Play
2013-09-06 The Art of Forgiving Part 2 Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-08-30 The Art of Forgiving Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-08-23 The Power of Words Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-08-16 You Will Be My Witnesses Pastor Michael Ehm Play
2013-08-09 130810_001.mp3 Strolling Meadows Play
2013-08-02 Panama Mission Trip Gloria Brunnbauer Play
2013-07-26 All Things New Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-07-19 The Light of the World Pastor Michael Ehm Play
2013-07-30 Feasting with Tax Collectors and Sinners Elder Duane Morauske Play
2013-06-28 God Can Use You Elder Ed Manderle Play
2013-06-07 Christian Witnessing: Plain or Salty Pastor Michael Ehm Play
2013-05-24 Memorials Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-05-17 The Hand of God Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-05-10 The Body of Christ Jonathan Wheeler Play
2013-05-30 The Hand That Rules Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-06-21 How not to Provoke Your Chind to Anger Pastor David Guerrero Play
2013-04-26 Communication and Conflict Resolution Pastor David Guerrero Play
2013-04-26 The Decline of the Family and God's Plan to Reclaim It Pastor David Guerrero Play
2013-04-19 God uses Sporks Michael Ehm Play
2013-04-05 Covenants Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-03-22 Not Available Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-03-15 Not Available Jennifer Wheeler Play
2013-03-08 Not Available Pastor Steve Aust Play
2013-03-01 Not Available Wanda Wincek Play
2013-02-22 Not Available Ron Felberg Play
2012-12-28 Not Available Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-12-31 Not Available Pastor Jim Brown Play
2012-12-30 Not Available Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-12-21 Not Available Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-09-28 Knowing God's Will for My Life Pastor Jim Brown Play
2012-09-21 Kept in His Love Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-09-14 Be Not Deceived Part 2 Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-09-07 Hell Truth Gloria Brunnbauer Play
2012-08-31 Be Not Deceived Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-08-24 Don't Make a Monkey Out of Me Carroll Wheeler Play
2012-08-17 Living in Jesus Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-08-10 Sharing The Word of God Ed Manderle Play
2012-08-03 Born Again Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-07-27 A Taste of Heaven Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-07-20 Simple Faith Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-07-13 Golden Oil Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-07-06 At The Door Jim Ramos Play
2012-06-01 Healed By His Love Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-05-25 The God Box Pastor Greg Taylor Play
2012-05-11 The Greatest Gift Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-05-18 God's Perfect Gift Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-05-04 Four Letter Sin Carroll Wheeler Play
2012-04-27 Victories in Jesus Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-04-20 Three Things to Remember Alan Carlson Play
2012-04-13 The Challenge of a Prophet Pastor Clair Tillman Play
2012-04-06 God So Loved Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-03-30 Just Like You and Me Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-03-23 SIn, What is it? And why does it destroy? Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-03-16 Knowing By Observing Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-03-09 Minsitry in Music Nancy Morauske Play
2012-03-02 Watching the Signs Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-02-24 Wonderful Times Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-02-10 The Hands of Jesus Ed Manderle Play
2012-02-03 The Gospel according to Seabiscuit Pastor Jim Brown Play
2012-01-27 Who Cares? Doug Durham Play
2012-01-20 Unity Pastor Steve Aust Play
2012-01-13 Is it What You Know or Who You Know? or Is it What You Know About Who You Know? Wanda Wincek Play
2012-01-06 Perfection Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-12-30 Choice Not Chance Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-12-23 What's In A Name? Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-12-02 Jesus, High Priest and King Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-11-25 Faith Duane Morauske Play
2011-11-18 Good News in the Judgment Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-11-11 How to be Blessed David Rawls Play
2011-10-28 God's Judgment Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-10-21 Worthy of Worship Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-10-14 True or False Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-10-07 Say it This Way Doug Durham Play
2011-09-30 An Open Book Pastor Marshall McKenzie Play
2011-09-23 Bread of Life Pastor Ric Swaningson Play
2011-09-16 How the Difference in Beiefs Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-09-09 Serve God and Encourage One Another Ed Manderle Play
2011-09-02 Solving Life's Mysteries Part 2 Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-08-26 Solving Life's Mysteries Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-08-19 The Twins of Salvation Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-08-12 God's Great Grace Duane Morauske Play
2011-08-05 He Lived Among Us Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-07-29 On My Shift Pastor Jim Brown Play
2011-07-22 Painting Pictures Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-07-15 Bib or an Apron? Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-07-08 Holy Spirit Inspired Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-07-01 History Told in Advance Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-06-10 A Vital Connection Doug Burgess Play
2011-06-03 Monuments of Victory Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-05-27 A New Way to be Human Pastor Greg Taylor Play
2011-05-20 Judgment Hour Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-05-13 Sing to the Lord Ed Manderle Play
2011-05-06 Chosen Part 2 Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-04-29 Going Forth Todd Van Deslunt Play
2011-04-22 Passover Promise: He will Deliver Carl Divert Play
2011-04-15 Blessed Floyd Brock Play
2011-04-08 Chosen Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-04-01 Undivided Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-03-25 Training at Home Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-03-18 Feelings That Remain Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-03-11 Is There Any Security Anymore? Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-03-04 After This Greg Budd Play
2011-02-18 Five Smooth Stones for Parents Pastor Abraham Swamidass Play
2011-02-11 God is in Control Pastor Jim Brown Play
2011-01-21 Lighting The Way Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-01-14 Living By Faith Pastor Steve Aust Play
2011-01-07 Reach In...Reach Out Ed Manderle Play
2010-12-31 Steady Faith Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-12-24 God's Love Story Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-12-10 Never Give Up Part 2: Power of a Song Tim Kroneck Play
2010-12-03 Never Give Up Part 1: A Sinners Story Tim Kroneck Play
2010-11-26 Come and See! Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-11-19 Giving Thanks and Thanks in Giving Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-11-12 A Dead End Road Ed Manderle Play
2010-11-05 Behold the Cross Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-10-29 A Note of Warning Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-10-22 Evangelism Can be Depressing Alan Carlson Play
2010-10-15 All Tuckered Out Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-10-08 Ready or Not Here I Come Pastor Clair Tillman Play
2010-10-01 Caring For One Another Duane Morauske Play
2010-09-24 Really Living Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-09-17 Reconciled Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-09-10 Musical Ministry Nancy Morauske & Brian W. Play
2010-09-03 You Are Not Alone Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-08-27 The Sweetest of All Gifts Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-08-20 And What Happened to Them Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-08-13 Papa Bear Andrea Endries Play
2010-08-06 Living When We Do Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-07-30 Uplift a Child International Presents Sam Vonumu Play
2010-07-23 Stand Out and Be Counted Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-07-16 Safe and Secure Pastor Steve Aust Play
2010-07-09 Jesus a.k.a. Christ, etc,etc Duane Morauske Play
2010-05-28 T.G.I.F! T.G.I.F! Duane Morauske Play
2010-05-21 My Wish List Pastor Adam Case Play
2010-05-07 Pathfinder Investiture Pastor Mike Edge Play
2010-04-30 Turbulence and Temptation Pastor Adam Case Play
2010-04-23 Are You Sure Pastor Adam Case Play
2010-04-16 Thank You Lord Ed Manderle Play
2010-04-09 Always Surrender-Always Give Up Carroll Wheeler Play
2010-04-01 Can I Be Forgiven? Pastor Adam Case Play
2010-03-26 God's Love:Acts of Service-Part 4 Pastor Adam Case Play
2010-03-19 Are You Out of Your Mind? Carroll Wheeler Play
2010-03-10 God's Love: The Gift that Keeps on Giving-Part 3 Pastor Adam Case Play
2010-03-05 God's Love: Time-Part 2 Pastor Adam Case Play
2010-02-26 God's Love: Words-Part 1 Pastor Adam Case Play
2010-02-25 Gods Word is Sweet, Or is It? Duane Morauske Play
2010-02-20 WA Music Wisconsin Academy Play
2010-02-09 Baptism Wanda Wincek Play
2010-02-05 The New and Living Way Elder Don Corkum Play
2010-01-30 Noches de Victoria Pastor Adam Case Play
2010-01-26 N/A Linda Chodak Play
2010-01-08 Do you really love Me? Pastor Adam Case Play
2009-12-29 Another Christmas is over, Now What? Duane Morauske Play
2009-12-17 Steadfast Light, Encroaching Darkness Carl Divert Play
2009-12-04 Lets Play Telephone Linda Chodak Play
2009-12-01 Relationships Carroll Wheeler Play
2009-11-24 Bigger Than The Bully Pastor Adam Case Play
2009-11-18 The Three Messengers Pastor Adam Case Play
2009-11-18 Changing Your Mind Pastor Wes McDonald Play
2009-11-05 The Financial Secret The World Doesn't Know Pastor Wes McDonald Play
2009-10-29 Seven Extra Years Pastor Wes McDonald Play
2009-10-17 Our Brothers Keeper Pastor Wes McDonald Play
2009-10-12 Unknown Pastor Wes McDonald Play
2009-10-08 Don't Stop to Say Hi Pastor Wes McDonald Play